Gardline Netherlands

From our Tranship home base we take care that our three Dutch ships are operating safely, efficiently and environmentally friendly. The crew is always taking care of a customer orientated professional atmosphere on board.

The range of services offered by our multi role research vessels ranges from hydrographic, geotechnical and/or physical, to various types of inspections. Under the tab services you are able to find the full range of services offered by Gardline Marine Sciences.

It is of utmost importance to us, that you as our client on board of our ships feel safe, welcome and understood. To achieve this, we offer you various safety management means. We work by the motto: You don’t have to be sick to get better.


Gardline Marine Sciences

Gardline Marine Sciences is an international, multidisciplinary provision of services, operating in the forefront of maritime management. We combine maritime research of the highest standards, with the most up to date technology and software, research facilities and management resources. Through this, we are able to offer you a wide range of maritime research options.


Our background

1991; Chase Seismic Survey B.V. is founded. The shipping company operates two vessels – the Tridens I and the Walter
1993; the Bon Espoir Survey B.V. is founded with the research vessel L’Espoir
2002; Walter is sold
2005; Tranship B.V. is born. Under her wings are now the Tridens I and the L’Espoir
2008; the former fishing-inspection vessel Vigilant is purchased and transformed into a professional hydrographical research vessel
2010; the Ivero joins the fleet. She, just like the Vigilant, undergoes an extensive refurbishment to become a vessel of the highest research standards
2011; Tranship becomes the proud owner of the DPII ROV vessel the Kommandor
2012; the Tridens I is sold
2014; after 11 loyal years of service, the L’Espoir is decommissioned