Health, safety and security of our employees, sub-suppliers and those who are part of our work environment, is an integral part of our company policy.

Our corporate culture includes a zero harm policy, where we encourage each and everyone within the company, to take part in safely undertaking any activities. Each year, our system and processes are tried and tested to find points to improve in the future.

Gardline Nederland is committed to an HSSE system that is based on a common understanding of the risks and how to control those. We try to stimulate our employees and sub contractors to take note of the risks and to minimise these as much as possible. In effect this means, that everyone is responsible for the safe undertaking of the HSSE policy. The control of this lies in the hands of the management and the project leader/manager. Because we understand that HSSE management is a vital part of the core structure and processes, every individual undertaking an activity has the right to stop a job should he or she feel unsafe in any way.

It is the responsibility of Gardline Netherlands to provide sufficient means in order to implement, communicate and understand the policy, and to enable all staff to carry out their jobs competently.